Teresa Biagi
Custom Jewellery Designer

Jewellery is about expressing, about feeling good, about being comfortable, discrete or indiscrete, depending on the occasion, the intention and the personalty. Creating jewellery collections is an opportunity to let go of my interior, I draw inspiration from flowers, from falling leaves, from snowflakes, from colours, odours and shapes in “el mercado”, from prehispanic cultures, from antique civilizations and from beautiful diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals.

I am always marvelled by the flow of forms in nature, everything seems so careless and casual while being part of a precise and mathematically perfect order.

As an Industrial Designer, creation after extensive brainstorming, has always been tied to a process, where researching and analyzing ideas at any stage is inherent. Making a jewellery piece requires manual skills , technical knowledge and a love of precision acquired through many hours of apprenticing and years of experience.

3D modeling is a most precious tool for me because it allows materializing ideas with huge precision at a great speed. It allows documenting, scaling, re-applying, and multiple materials, every day the list grows longer!

I have a passion for creating and it is a great privilege and reward for me to see the smile in my client’s face when they see their piece for the first time!