The Collection: Printing Bow -Ties consists for now of to 22 different models exploring style, size and texture and is motivated by the fascinating 3D technology and by the fact that the bow-tie, which is a classic garment for men is starting to become very trendy.

As a jewellery designer, most of the time I am designing for women and in this occasion I wanted to design something for men.

Special orders can be made with the application of a logo or a name.

To order the bow-ties in aluminum you can go to my store at SHAPEWAYS.



Twirls, lustig, divertido, amusing, to have fun. Twirls can be ordered in black, pink, red, orange,y..




ZigZag, or chevron, a classic pattern. ZigZag can be ordered in black, pink, red, orange,yellow, gre..


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